Muskegon Lumberjacks defenseman Travis Walsh, 17, is committed to Michigan State.  MSU made one heck of a choice apparently.  Check out this incredible shootout game-winner against goalie Cody Campbell of Cedar Rapids on Saturday night in a USHL game:

Travis Walsh

(Thanks Sean)

  • Anfrew Richard

    I agree on the want/nice to have vs it being an actual need. I don’t have a direct hand in any development for any of these devices but I tend to be the guy with all that tech stuff. iPad 2, wife’s iPhone, my Android, home PC and iMac. My 3.5yro is a rock star with all the tech, but the multi-touch interface shines through in all her interaction with tech. She’ll swipe, touch and pinch the screen on the iMac, or the TV. I do believe there are a few points here, first the human-computer interaction and the second the use of the iPad (or these various devices) as tools to learn. I’m for both and believe in both, as tech moves forward the new generation will be a critical part in adoption as well as development. From a learning aspect these tools are no longer static boring 1 dimensional teaching tools, they respond, reward and I’m excited for the future of this.