According to credible sources, the Minnesota Vikings have been approached by two different groups to move to Los Angeles. The Vikings management has consistently denies any interest in moving westward. The lease on the Metrodome ends this year, which makes the deal so ripe for a switch.


Ed Roski, an LA billionaire, is willing to put up much of his own money to bring a team to the Southland. AEG has put the some major fuel into the idea of placing an arena near the Staples Center and LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. The Vikings owner, Zygi Wilf, made a recent visit to Los Angeles to gain only “inspiration” for the construction of a Metrodome replacement. Cosby Sweaters smells the BS coming off the banks of those thousand lakes. Come join the sun, Vikes.

UPDATE: Vikes fans got pissed about the photo we had on this 6 month old post so well pulled it.

  • Jeff Skinner

    The picture above is Syd Davy. Syd is “The Viking” involved heavily with keeping our Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota. He has worked tirelessly for the Minnesota stadium project, Minnesota Momentum and Save the Vikes. You just kicked him in the balls by using that photoshopped garbage picture without his consent. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I would advise you to remove that photo from this story immediately before it get’s real ugly. You have been duly warned.

    • Steve

      I doubt the image is photoshopped. It looks very real to me. Syd looks very proud to be posing in front of the Hollywood sign.

    • skol brother. can they legally use his pic without his or the photographers knowledge? I don’t believe so. skol vikes in minnesota forever

  • Jeff Skinner
  • jodiiiiiiii

    Are you frikken serious….putting a pic of OUR Syd Davy in front of the Hollywood sign…Us as fans arent even happy at the thought of this horrendous idea, let alone Syd who has worked hard for the MINNESOTA Vikings for a majority of his life. … I suggest you take that down before he sues your A$$. We dont appreciate this and I KNOW he doesn’t. Dude have a little respect!!!!

  • I ama good friend of Syd’s as well as 1 of the knights in hs Vikin World Order, and I can assure you that he would NEVER have allowed this image to be used as it was, and he would NEVER be in favor of moving our team, neither would I or any VWO knight. Removing his pic HAD to happen, plus he should receivean apology from this website too.

    • Steve

      If anything I think Syd owes this website and all of his fans an apology. He took the time and spent the money to fly out to LA and take that picture. If anything I would say he’s proud of the photo or regrets having it taken in the first place. Either way I’m sure he had a great time in LA when he was out there and is probably anxious to go back again soon.

  • ZamBamViking

    This is a load of Bull and furthermore there are too many real Vikes Fans to allow this to happen. Syd is in fact in shock about them using his pic and I hope it is dealt with Swiftly SKOL Viking and Minnesota Forever!

  • Jeff Skinner

    I want to thank the webmaster for removing Syd’s photo. That was a standup move. I also apologize if my comments were out of line or damaging in any way. I never heard of this site before this. I like the site as a whole and will come back to visit it in the future, if it’s alright with you? Thanks again. This Minnesota Viking fan raises a cup ‘o mead to you, Skol!