***UPDATE: Derek Anderson IMPLODES Post Game

Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Derek Anderson had an awful game on Monday Night Football against the San Francisco 49ers. Anderson went 16/35 for 196 yards and 1 INT and had a QB rating of 51.6. He led his team to only 8 first downs and was missing receivers all over the field. Super Bowl winning coach and MNF announcer John Gruden called out Anderson for enjoying a laugh on the sideline after such a poor performance and not showing his team leadership you would expect from a quarterback.

  • Dezzy

    He should have called him out. Team leaders like Dockett and Fitzgerald were sitting on the bench with blank stares obviously angry and embarrassed about the team performance. Anderson yucks it up on the sideline (context doesn’t matter) when he should be the most ashamed. He’s barely a career backup thrust into a starting role. Cleveland was more than happy to get rid of him. What’s that tell you? Then a reporter calls him out in the post game and he goes off knowing he was caught. Enjoy the rest of the year then good riddance Derek.

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  • aham1963

    We ask our athletes to keep there heads up even in time of embarrasment on the field. When they hang their head in shame we say they have lost their spirit. Who cares if he was laughing it up on the sideline with a teammate. As long as he gave it his all on the field.