Soccer Moment Of The Week: Punch To Head Butt To Suspension For Eto’o

Sunday’s Inter Milan-Chievo Verona Serie A match provided a world-class display of footie skill.  Not the kind of passing, scoring or dribbling you can see in just any match but the transcendent acting you only get in Italian soccer.  Check the replay below as Chievo Verona defender Bostjan Cesar hits Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o on the ‘head’ (in the US we call that a shoulder but Eto’s slow-motion reaction makes it clear it’s the head) and then Eto’o responds with a slow-jog head head butt that, based on Cesar’s reaction, collapsed a lung and broken several ribs (it will stun you to learn Cesar popped up moments later and kept playing)…

No Oscars were awarded but Eto’o did wind up with a three-match ban and $40,000 fine once officials reviewed the tape.  Should give him time to work on his all important diving related skills.