Earlier today Cosby Sweaters reported that the Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee commented that TCU and Boise State had no business playing in a BCS championship game, comparing their opponents to the “Little Sisters of the Poor.” Well, Boise State president Bob Kustra didn’t take kindly to Gee’s analysis and came back with some tough talk of his own. Kustra said:

Maybe President Gee doesn’t go to the games of the teams that are not in his Big Ten, but he’s playing some easy marks.

I don’t mind somebody stating that they don’t think we ought to be in the national championship, but to do it with such erroneous information as Gordon Gee has used, gets under the skin of all of us who thought university presidents were supposed to be standing for fairness, equity and truth in how we portray our universities, and he’s doing a very poor job of that at the moment.

More on the story here.

  • Fred Lupfer

    Gordon Gee is a pompous clown and is indicative of everything that is wrong with NCAA football!

  • Faith

    Everyone missed the point. Why was Little Sisters of the Poor even used by OSU’s prez Gee? And BSU’s prez Kustra had even a larger opportunity to take his game and the respect from all to the next level. Little Sisters of the Poor serve in 31 countries around the world (including homes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Penang, New Zealand and Philippines) continue in their original purpose of caring for the elderly. They have grown from one woman helping one woman to one of the most successful religious organizations in the world. LSP#1 beyond any BCS wannabes. OSU and BSU need to get their priorities straight and set a better example on behalf of their institutions and communities that they serve. Not to mention show respect for Roman Catholic women who have dedicated their lives helping others.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful and respectful of one another and others.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    Maybe if Boise ST would play teams like Nebraska, Ohio St, Michigan, Alabama, LSU, ECT, with out a million dollar paycheck, they would get some respect, They told Tom Osborne they wanted 750,000 to play NU. I guess TO said FU

  • David Lander

    After the thumping that ohio state took from the Florida Gators the last few years, it would seem that maybe they aren’t a BCS caliber team themselves. If anybody deserves to be there this year, Boise State “Come on down”.