In a Steelers 35-3 beat down of the Oakland Raiders, the big story wasn’t the game itself, it was after a 1st half play when 5 time Pro Bowl DT, Richard Seymour slapped  Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger to the ground. In situations like that, the on-air commentators have their opinions. Shortly after the game, the media and the blogoshpere will have their opinions as well. But as fans, we’re always curious to understand the perspective of other players.

The guys that are out there every weekend; who do they side with? Was Seymour wrong? Did Big Ben have it coming?

49ers starting linerbacker Takeo Spikes voiced his opinion, comparing Roethlisberger’s performance to the WWE:

  • First of all, Seymour is known for going out of line and having attitude problems. Why would you something that could get you punched. Second, Ben is 6’5 250 lbs (more or less). He’s call Big Ben because he is big and he’s so hard for defenders to bring down because of it. So what are the real chances that Ben falls like a rag doll after a slap to the face? He looked like a soccer player trying to get a red card call on someone for bumping into him.

  • takeo_would_have_been_cryin

    that was an openhanded hard jab to the jaw that was pretty unexpected…it was not an act. Takeo would have been on the ground if it happened to him. Hes just sad he played for some AWFUL teams in his career so no one remembers he used to be a real good player. Used to be..hes pretty worthless now as this comment shows.

    And the first commenter with the red card flop comparison..if that was you would would be eating your dinner through an IV tonight..moran