Joe Mcknight

Joe McKnight may have a chance to show some of the brilliance he showed at USC, however this time it will most likely be at cornerback, if at all.  Ryan said McKnight has been working at cornerback and would be the fifth CB if the Jets needed to press him into service.

“He’s been working that way. It probably won’t be very multiple with him out there in coverage, but we’ve taught him a couple zones and I think we even taught him some man-coverage. He’ll be all right,” Ryan said. “He’s been out there. He’s a great athlete. He kills us out there.”

Ryan believes McKnight is ready to have a breakout game. But you have to remember he promised the same thing about linebacker Vernon Gholston during training camp. But this time he really believes it about McKnight.

“I’m telling you guys, he’s getting ready to explode,” Ryan said.

But playing where?

“At running back, at receiver, corner. He’s going to play some for us. I don’t expect him to play defense, I hope,” Ryan said.

(Via NY Daily News)


    Should try him at QB…can’t be worse than the one you got. Or kicker…?

  • Chris

    You cannot possibly have a Giants fan and a “blue team” fan in the same house. This leads to an obvious progression of Giants v. Dodgers and you should know all too well that if you are a Giants fan, hating the Dodgers is a DNA issue.

  • @61d3e7c74df696c3c0692279a491404d:disqus hahaha

  • Paul Reynolds

    I’m from Liverpool, in the UK. We have 2 soccer teams here and the rifts those 2 teams create in families is similar to your own situation. I’m a Liverpool FC fan, “the red team” and thankfully, my daughter has followed in my footsteps. There are other family members who follow “the blue team”, Everton FC. Family gatherings can be quite frantic at game time, especially when the teams face each other! Sheesh. But generally it can be fun, and the “banter” between the rival factions can be very entertaining and funny.