Oh Facebook, what have you done to my sister?

I’m the oldest of three children.  It’s me and then two girls.  Being the big brother, I have certain responsibilities:  “Protect your sisters.”  “Be wary of boys who take an active interest in your sisters.”  “Make sure your sister doesn’t discover Facebook and use it to start putting questionable pictures  of herself on the internet.”

I failed at the last item, as evidenced below.  My oldest baby sister (who we’ll call “Pachita” to protect her anonymity) joined Facebook a few months ago.  My youngest baby sister (henceforth known as “Amy” to protect her anonymity as well) and I had been telling Pachita to join Facebook so we could be further intertwined into one another’s lives.  Unfortunately, what Pachita heard was “Take suggestive photos in a tight dress while posing next to a sports car.”  Needless to say, I’m a bit taken aback by what I saw online last night:

Oh lord...

Seriously?  Ugh.

Better, but still...

On a serious note, I am proud of my bro-in-law (the photographer) and sister.  He’s a very good photographer, whose work can be seen here.