We all know that Lebron James went from NBA darling to Tiger Woods/O.J. status because of the way he treated his Cleveland Cavs fans with “The Decision”. The city of Cleveland finally went back in. Good Work Cleveland!

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  • Kenny

    Cleveland has the worse whiners I’ve ever heard. Lebron is long gone and you’re still whining. Get over it. He’s not coming back. You are so boring!

    • Steve

      Funny that you think Cleveland fans are wrong for whining, but it was ok for LeBum to humiliate that city on national tv. Shows us what type of moral fiber you have. You’d probably humiliate your wife or girlfriend in the same way if you think what LeBum did was ok.
      Our point is, if we start holding these rich,pampered,spoiled athletes accountable for their actions, maybe-just maybe they’ll start acting like the role models many expect them to behave like.

      • danno

        so what if he got traded? just because he decided to go before he got traded? its a job, people have a right to choose where they work. its cold in cleveland.