Sid’s Corner (1)

Hello CS family.  Today we will begin a new series entitled “Sid’s corner.”  Sid is a friend of many friends within the CS family and we LOVE what he does with his social networks.  Forward thinker would be an understatement.  In order to give the world what they want (more of Sid), we have decided to bless you with the first post to “Sid’s Corner”.  If you like the gem/advice/insight that we bring you, please feel free to befriend Sid (his name on FB is “Yendis Llifhgih”).  You will be pleased that you did.  No names have been changed to protect anything.  We will keep Sid’s corner updated a few times a week.  Enjoy!

On October 2nd it seems like Sid was having a VERY good day.  So good in fact that he posted 6 times (this usually doesn’t happen).  Draw your own conclusions…

Sid's Corner