This young man has taken his search for a soulmate to the interweb. At first I felt sorry for this guy, but then I realized he just has very high standards. Watch the video until the end because that’s where most of the goodies are.

  • Kevin Williams

    Well…. 1st of all….dude! Get in line! We ALL want female virgins!
    Take the Iceman for example. He found your ruh-tard video cry for help while trolling YouTube for….yep! Female Virgins! You want some help? Get off your toboggan lovin’ ass, loosen your chastity belt, have a beer and download some porn like a “normal” teenage boy. As for your finding a similar minded Jesus lovin’ sled girl, you’d be better off putting an ad in the personals on craigslist. I’m so looking forward to your updates.