The big story/takeaway from this week’s sales are that even if you are in jail, as long as you have a MP3 player, you have the ability to have a #2 album.  Gucci Mane also has a great debut (with a GREAT album) at #4 selling over 60k.  Eminem stays strong at #5 and has sold over 2.7 million units.

My friend “Iceman” actually told me that Lady Antebellum would outsell Eminem this year; looks like he has some egg on his face after Em passed Lady A last week and now leads by 60k or so.

A few other notable debuts; Eric Clapton (6), the Social Network soundtrack (20), Soundgarden (26), and of course our man Cube (22).

Current Albums – Top 25

Top 200 Weekly Album Sales

New Artists – (Top 25)

Heatseekers Charts Oct 6th

  • iceman

    Very funny TheDipshit. We know what I actually predicted. I’m the Nostradamus of the music industry.

  • thediplomat

    You are the major labels of the music industry, the Al Davis of the NFL, and you are the shit on my shoe.

  • caesar

    the fact that lil boosie shows up the charts is a real problem.